Rivendell Guesthouse

In 1998, our guest house found fame in the ITV programme Wycliffe. Rivendell Guest House featured in the final episode of the final series - "Land's End", appearing as the Golden Sands B & B.

Wycliffe is a drama series about a Cornwall police detective - Det Supt Charles Wycliffe - and his team, based on the books by W.J. Burley. Five series of the show were made, origially running from 1993 - 1998. Occasional re-runs do still pop-up on digital and satellite TV stations!.

Whenever a mysterious crime is committed in Cornwall, it's Superintendent Wycliffe that is brought in to investigate. Piecing together clues and interviewing witnesses, Wycliffe eventually uncovers the intrigue, greed, family feuds or illicit relationships underlying the crimes. Each episode brings a brand new case for Wycliffe to sleuth his way through. No matter how baffling or mysterious, he resolves to bring the truth to the surface.

There is a short video clip in "Quicktime" format of an episode of Wycliffe on the web site for Canadian broadcaster 'Knowledge Network' - British Columbia's Educational Television Service, and an episode guide and other information available at TV.com